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 vok ngoai tinh nè

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wife us
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Bài gửiTiêu đề: vok ngoai tinh nè   Mon Jul 26, 2010 7:01 pm

She worried for the other pupils have not completed university, if he divorces now regret and there will collapse, the family would hate him ....

My wife and I have been married for over 5 years. Before the wedding, we love each other more than three years. We do not have children because I have disease problems and children are treated. Family parties, especially the couple I have a wish child.

My wife is a teacher, her husband lived far away from home.

When was promoted to manager in a corporation, I have to get work at a branch away from home and became very busy, not much time to spend with his wife and unable to visit her regularly.

Before you decide on the appointment, I told her or the organization would facilitate the work team leader or staff at a branch near where my wife works, my wife encouraged me assume management and say "I wish him proud."

Then I believe my wife like that and hit the road get new tasks. We rarely meet a contact via telephone, the message was a call I have a feeling she is a person and are interested in the thoughts of adultery.

Then I discovered my wife constantly texting, calling for a high school student has finished school, my poor wife 9 years old. My wife said the student was very quiet admiration and love my wife (when everything has been my discovery, she has said so, and during fights, said she was loved by so in love again). There are more messages at 5pm to 12 midnight and courage.

I was underground track. Then once she is told to go to Hanoi to work but actually went to meet him, and when I go see her, I took her phone to read the message. I was shocked that her message what type of confess his role, calling them dating each other and stay in the house.

When I calmed down she used the message "Everything T responsible for any consequences ngiem" and he got back "what consequences there will be about it but Bibi"
I was interrogated, she said nothing but just having him to talk about sperm donation because I treat patients the probability of success is small. She promised never to contact her anymore.

A few days later I took her to the mother to tell her everything, she was not pleased that I have no right to do so. But when I went away she made contact again, and I know she again promised. For the 3rd and still in touch, I wrote that day divorce. And my wife is just to justify mobilization.

Until recent times opened my home computer to Yahoo, accidentally read a letter I sent him another wife (not my wife out to login).

I have saved the letter reads:

"T do not want more trouble, will try not affect K. It's at the heart of the K T K should new problems. K does not seek to delete his messages, so he made more questionable. K is trying to understand him. T expect to have a child. K is only thanks to volunteers KH intervention only. World alone. It's all a message.

Several mad at T really wanted to finish but think of T. T is trying to think that the K and K family does not exist on this earth. All just a dream. T do not know how long the situation lasted if he offended and trampled more than T can not be stupid over him.

Recently an argument with him (by phone) is completed. Slowly everything will be fine. That if the court is a male student asked a teacher admired the illegal copy? K so afraid? Just admire the thing.

T T told her mother that "if she reads the message on the machine to see him then I do not deny but that all messages and only exist in the literature-fairy than I, and K no intention to go further. "

T will try. K should focus on learning. During the first few years to T does not want to meet and communicate with K, as will be better.

T just want this to go away without causing trouble for everyone. Price as T was going abroad to study. That T will try to study it there. T did not even know her husband again at what he wants in t it? Abuse and want to pay T u, if he has faith that the love will be ruined forever. Would he not understand and K T is impossible or so, or because of self-esteem so high? Is there a T must love others to the rescue for K, to make him understand that T is not bad match with him? It's going crazy too.

Immediate K T will try to graduation, so the new K not guilty. T said that it will not fear if the scandalous love life as a poor 9-year-old pupil. As well, why not love are you? That is just about where the sky is calculated separately what where? T do not intend to cheat, people abusing the children, did not mean to leave her husband. Just because the desire to be a mother. T think so many times but the court decline to do so and lost K. T K family will hate losing it.

Get up and go hard to see, where T does not bear down stroke. Both K again, you must go to my path, so the following is not guilty of this new T, no regrets. K never been compared with T or about love or later wife of K there nhé.

I've lost all faith in her for many months now, has written divorce and want to talk to all pay the price but she did not sign the application.

I collapsed into a belief I was loved, appreciated. Currently I'm very hurt and depressed, I lost my spirit, faith and all hope.

I always thought she did not sign the divorce application reasons: Fear of people know or will not she worried for the other pupils have not completed university, if he divorce the other will be at this regret and fall, families will hate him. With her sister again unmarried if everything broke miss the neighbors and family friends left her sister would look in a bad direction .... My family and her mother did not want us to divorce.

What do I do? Give me an advice. I thank
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Bài gửiTiêu đề: Re: vok ngoai tinh nè   Mon Jul 26, 2010 9:50 pm

nhầm box rùi nha bạn....
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vok ngoai tinh nè
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